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TKC is not liable for lost or stolen packages. However, we will try our best to help figure out where your package is, if it is still in route. Currently our shipping providers only cover $100 coverage on each package. If you wish to purchase more you could do so, if you chose to opt out of this, in the RARE case your package is lost we will only be able to refund what our postal service is able to. You can buy insurance in $2/$100 increments. For example, if your total before shipping is $300 you can add $4 to insure the entire package. To add more, adjust the quantity! If you have any questions, feel free to email us or use the chat icon below! 

From Canada Post: Some exceptions and conditions apply. The availability and limits of the Liability Coverage may vary on a number of factors, including the country of destination, the service used and the nature of the Item being shipped.

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